Belmont-Mount Holly Northern Loop

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Belmont-Mount Holly Northern Loop

Postby Listenhere » Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:17 pm

Hey all,

Does anyone know the status of the proposed Belmont-Mount Holly Northern Loop? Through online searching, I cannot determine if it has been postponed due to funding, or cancelled all together.

Here are some related links for the unfamiliar:

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Re: Belmont-Mount Holly Northern Loop

Postby Scott L » Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:16 pm

The document you referenced is the confirmation that all formal planning of it was REMOVED from any agendas. One can only speculate how/why it failed to be implemented. To consider:

Not too long ago, some dreamed the area north of National Gypsum would be an industrial complex. I believe that idea started to fade when someone wanted to put a large housing development there and the nail in the coffin might have been when the City of Gastonia bought the land so it WOULDN'T be developed to protect Gastonia's water intake right there. At that point, any major "northern loop" plans changed what some officials now refer to "changing market forces".

But the National Gypsum thing more than DOUBLED the heavy industrial demands on N. Main St. A promise that was made to the people of Mount Holly was that National Gypsum would use Hwy 16 until the bypass came into play. Well, the bypass failed and we still have more than DOUBLE the demands on poor old N. Main St. There are some officials that tell the people they serve that the people are the ones at fault. Some planner and council of years past wrote a check they couldn't cash (so to speak). And today's planners and council wants to make this the citizens problem. Call that one like you see it! Our CURRENT Strategic Vision Plan prescribes alternate roads to serve the Heavy Industrial areas.

Now what can be done going forward? Well, enforce the work-around non-enforceable agreement to restrict trucks on N. Main. That stops the Heavy Industrial blight from doing any more damage. Then, (and only then) should anyone think about what development and growth Mount Holly can make up there that would not harm those already in the town. THAT'S where we see council mis-aligned with the citizens they are supposed to represent. Also, watch for the Strategic Vision Plan update. If we want/need a bypass, it's time to get your friends and neighbors out to say so. That's how it works. Otherwise, planners and councilpersons get to say what they think (or wish) citizens want. Like a 4-lane N. Main Street. (Don't laugh. A town planner and City Councilman actually told the NCDOT that we citizens wanted that!)

The funny thing is... there is still talk about building a bridge -- did someone take our bridge? Did Mount Holly leaders sell us out? It's a shame that we have to ask these kinds of questions about those who do things TO our town more than FOR our town. But ask the questions and document the answers. WAY not enough transparency in who decides these things and how. ... /160409948

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