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Citizens Get Involved

Postby Laura L » Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:33 am

We need more citizens speaking out for what they would like to see for their city. Your voice does matter. Letting city council persons know your ideas & concerns for your city is very important. You can't just wait for them to solicit your ideas.

Please post your ideas and post ways to help get your ideas circulating.

Should we / Could we?
1. Post more on this website about what you want for your city?
2. Put out old fashion suggestion boxes around town for people to drop their notes in?
3. Have citizen idea booths at festivals?
4. Host a community brainstorming session at your house? & send the ideas to council.
5. Give out pamphlets about hot topics for the city?
6. Start a printed publication for Mt. Holly?
7. Look at the city council agenda each month & attend & speak at the meetings.
8. E-mail & call your city council persons.
9. VOTE!

What else??

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