Mt Holly - Truck Town?

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Laura L
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Mt Holly - Truck Town?

Postby Laura L » Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:15 am

Is Mt. Holly going to be a truck stop or truck drive thru city?

Is it in Mt. Holly’s plan to be the industry town, while Mt. Holly residents shop & eat in Belmont, Gastonia, or Charlotte?

The easiest place to see such a contrast between two cities is from either bridge at I-85. Which side has what? & where are the trucks driving through the most?

Should we just give in & open up a big truck stop in the middle of Highland? Maybe Bill’s Truck Stop in Lexington will share the big ‘ol Hillbilly with us.

If we don't want this, it's time to speak up.
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Scott L
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Re: Mt Holly - Truck Town?

Postby Scott L » Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:43 am

Kind of goes along with the "Mt. Holly Identity" topic. Belmont is a high-dollar town measured in dollar per square foot of home. That's good for those that live there. Buying into that town now that property values have gone up is relatively expensive.

Mount Holly is a low-dollar rated at dollar per square foot of home. It should be attractive for wealth in nearby Charlotte to relocated to Mount Holly. When that happens, our property values go up and our quality of life will do the same. If wealth isn't coming to Mount Holly, it is because they believe it won't be a wise investment. One reason people might believe this is because our strategy is to grow at the expense of the property owners. We are investing in expansion -- while not investing in our own sewer system. We are allowing and even inviting growth of big industry at the expense of the property owners that are effected by increased blight.

If we CHANGED our strategy to increase quality and not quantity, our little town will stay "charming" and wealth will choose us over Belmont because we're a better value.

Or, as you said, we can embrace the "Hillbilly truck stop" identity of Mount Holly and just go with it. I think the above mascot would look great where City Café once was!

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