cleaning up downtown

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cleaning up downtown

Postby user » Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:37 pm

downtown needs to be cleaned up. where to start?

Curious citizen

Re: cleaning up downtown

Postby Curious citizen » Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:06 pm

Rail road crossing they dug up near Wells Fargo. I would say the ply wood they had on the rail bridge for 3 years but i noticed a few months ago they cleaned them up. What was the deal with the boards anyway? Also get rid of the rail fencing along the tracks and plant some nice big holly bushes ( it if Mt Holly after all!) and put a more tasteful wrought iron fence behind the bushes just for saftey. Maybe even some nice flowers. And i feel like a nice building for more shops or food places could be put next to the new urgent care at the 273/27 junction. Any wealthy businessmen want to by the lot? :D i fell like this town could have so much more thing to offer like intertainment shopping wider variety of food and all this wouldncreate local jobs. Itd be nice to see. If i had a lot of money id most deffinitely build a very nice shopping center with that old style look( that way the building would go along nice with the ones in the center of DT) other than that and maybebsomenshady people mt hollys downtown is pretty tighty. The plaza apartments could use a facelift maybe. Mt holly should hold more events than they currently do to raise more money. I love every festival just wish theyre were more ^^

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