2017 Mount Holly Elections

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2017 Mount Holly Elections

Postby mrmtholly » Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:55 am

Mount Holly City Council seats up for consideration:

Jim Hope
David Moore
Jerry Bishop

It is unknown if these gentlemen will run for re-election. Anyone wanting to run for council in 2017 must pay $10 and file with the Gaston County Board of Elections in July 2017: http://www.gastongov.com/departments/elections

After the July 2017 filing is closed, we'll post the candidate choices in a poll and allow registered users only vote for their favorite.

This is how the seats were decided in 2013:
2013.jpg (21.88 KiB) Viewed 7205 times

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Re: 2017 Mount Holly Elections

Postby Scott L » Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:35 am

I have a feeling we need to make the 2017 election about ISSUES and not people:

Which candidates want Mount Holly to grow and by how much? Be specific in the growth the candidates wants.

Which candidates want Mount Holly to remain small as long as possible? Be specific in the measures that the candidates would take to do so.

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Re: 2017 Mount Holly Elections

Postby Scott L » Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:51 am

Evidence to consider when wondering if your City Council represents you or sells you out:

When voters speak with a loud voice that they want truck traffic routed differently, if City Council doesn't engage with the public on the matter and rather deflects and rolls over for other interests, you are not being represented well. You are being sold out.

When citizens overwhelmingly say they want Mount Holly to remain a small town and not grow into a Charlotte suburb, having a council that will embrace and even lobby for growth, expansion, and higher density development is serving the interests of someone other than the voters.

If there is evidence or even indications that are left unaddressed that back-room meetings and secret negotiations are being made outside of the public's view, then it's time to consider installing elected representatives that will put a stop to it and have open and transparent government.

These kinds of issues are serious and if not addressed in the next council elections will corrupt Mount Holly's future towards something other than what the owners of this town want. The owners of this town are the voters. They elect people to represent them. ("Representing" someone is to negotiate on behalf of them.) And our government serves them. Anything less is just bad government.

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Re: 2017 Mount Holly Elections

Postby mrmtholly » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:35 pm

Election Decided - Winners:
David A. Moore 467 18.19%
Lauren Shoemaker 467 18.19%
Charles McCorkle 376 14.65%

Honorable Mentions:
Phyllis B. Harris 334 13.01%
Jim Hope 326 12.70%
J. Jason Gowen 321 12.50%
Willie Melton 163 6.35%
Jamie K. Hamilton 92 3.58%
Bryan Hough (Write-In) 3 0.12%
Tanner Hawkins (Write-In) 2 0.08%
Dale Moran (Write-In) 2 0.08%
Write-In (Miscellaneous) 2 0.08%
Perry Toomey (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Carolyn Breyare (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Anthony Duran (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Nancy Dixon (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Shannon St. John (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Johnny Piercy (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Daron Robinson (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Bob Setzer (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Roger Hawkins (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Jefferson Fortner (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Jeff Kaylor (Write-In) 1 0.04%
Scott Wright (Write-In) 1 0.04%

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