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January 2016

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 7:18 pm
by mrmtholly
January 2016

Re: January 2015

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 7:22 pm
by Scott L
What's the story with the new City Garage? Will that impact the city's utility facility on N. Main right at the river near downtown?

Re: January 2015

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:19 pm
by Scott L
Appendix B
Types of Facilities Representing Cross Connection Hazards

1. Aircraft and missile manufacturing plants;
2. Automotive plants including those plants which manufacture motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles and construction and agricultural equipment:
3. Potable water dispensing stations which are served by a public water system;
4. Beverage bottling plants including dairies and breweries;
5. Canneries, packing houses and reduction plants;
6. Car washes;
7. Chemical, biological and radiological laboratories including those in high schools, trade schools, colleges, universities and research institutions;
8. Hospitals, clinics, medical buildings, nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, autopsy facilities, morgues, mortuaries and other medical facilities; (Amended 4-13-2015)
9. Metal or plastic manufacturing, fabrication, cleaning, plating or processing facilities;
10. Plants manufacturing paper and paper products;
11. Plants manufacturing, refining, compounding or processing fertilizer, film, herbicides, natural or synthetic rubber, pesticides, petroleum or petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, radiological materials or any chemical which would be a contaminant to the public water system;
12. Commercial facilities that use herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or any chemical which would be a contaminant to the public water system;
13. Plants processing, blending or refining animal, vegetable or mineral oils;
14. Commercial laundries and dye works;
15. Sewage, storm water and industrial waste treatment plants and pumping stations;
16. Waterfront facilities including piers, docks, marinas and shipyards;
17. Industrial facilities which recycle water;
18. Restricted or classified facilities or other facilities closed to the supplier of water or the
19. Fire sprinkler systems using any chemical additives;
20. Auxiliary water systems;
21. Irrigation systems with facilities for injection of pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals
or with provisions for creating back pressure;
22. Portable tanks for transporting water taken from a public water system; and
23. Facilities which have pumped or repressurized cooling or heating systems that are served
by the public water system, including all boiler systems