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Nearby Communities

Postby Scott L » Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:21 pm

If you're new to Mt. Holly, here's your place in the community:

Over the river is Mecklenburg County. Many in Gaston County appreciate not living in Mecklenburg County and the inseparable "CharMeck" government entity combining city and county services. From Mt. Holly, you're likely a shorter drive to the Charlotte airport than most people in Charlotte near Mint Hill and Matthews. Long time residents of Mt. Holly might take objection to being considered a "bedroom community" to Charlotte taking pride on being an independent town with a long history.

Nearby is the town of Belmont. On average the Belmont community has a higher property value -- which means you get less square footage for your money there. The two towns are competitive in some ways.

There is also nearby towns of Stanley and Lowell and Cramerton.

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