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Mount Holly Water Quality

Postby Scott L » Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:08 am

We've received the required water test results from the town as required by law. And from the town staff they tell us our water is fine. But I suspect like a restaurant's health department rating, they likely know when the test will be -- perhaps it's possible to "prepare for the test" so to speak. So what happens when you collect a sample of municipal water from your faucet at random and have it tested without anyone knowing?

We have brain-eating amoebas in water nearby, we have power plants and gypsum facilities that are near our water source, and there have been informal accounts of water color issues -- perhaps associated with the flushing of pipes by the town.

Well, a laboratory test kit from KAR Labs was used and sent off for 90 tests to be performed on the water on 8/15/2016. The question to answer: does the water in any way show anything concerning when a regular citizen collects water from his own kitchen sink? (No household filter or treatment whatsoever) The answer seems to be "no".

Results attached. (Trust and verify - a good way to approach any issue concerning the wellbeing of your family.)

Some of the things I was looking for:
Arsenic: The big thing everyone worries about with coal ash -- none found. (Suggests nothing leaking into the water supply)
Bacteria: With brain-eating amoebas in water nearby -- no bacteria of the two common types found. (Suggests water is effectively treated)
Chloride: How much disinfectant is in our water -- 7.9 out of a safe 250. (Suggests not over treated water)
Fluoride: Some people are concerned about this one -- At 0.51 on a limit of 4.00, I'm not concerned.
Copper: I've heard some concerns lately with how much this is -- 0.02 out of a limit of 1.3 -- not bad at all. (That could even be from some copper pipes in my plumbing.)
Lead: We don't want a Flynt Michigan situation -- none found.

In summary, I'd say the water coming from my kitchen faucet is of very high quality. The only concern I would have is our water seems to be corrosive. I don't think that's a health concern as much as it is a concern that it might wear our public and private pipes over many years. The "Ryznar Stability Index says a value of 8 or more indicates a tendency to corrode metal. Our water measures 12. Another rating on that is the Langelier Saturation Index where a negative number indicates corrosiveness. Our water rates a -2.4 on that index -- which by some measures suggests "serious corrosion". This would be a problem if we had lead and other heavy metals in our water -- which we don't. So the water professionals the town employs are the folks who should worry about that -- if it's even a worry at all -- so that our water infrastructure lasts for as many years as we'd like it to.
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