Mount Holly City Council should represent the voters well.
Route Heavy Industrial Truck Traffic via Hwy 16 to the interstate.
Play these two routes side-by-side and see how this decision SHOULD be a no-brainer.

Existing Way Proposed Way
Residentially-zoned Vacant Land
Sidewalks with bus stops No sidewalks
Little room for road expansion Plenty of room for road expansion
Freight traffic conflicts with Freight traffic conflicts with
1,000+ Mt. Holly homes NO Mt. Holly homes

Why would anyone think this residential road should be a freight highway?
Watch this live camera shot around 3:30pm on a school day.
Watch this live camera shot any time people walk downtown on the sidewalk for a Food Truck Friday or Springfest or other festival.
Watch this live camera shot when it's rush hour and see how it's busy enough with all the cars going to/from the thousands of homes along this road.
Watch this live camera shot on a good weather Sunday morning to see who might be walking to church downtown.